hello gorgeous
What is hello, you wonder?

At hello, we're bringing the fun into social networking. Nobody really enjoys a pointless meet-up or a lame party. If you had a choice, you'd prefer to have a good time, be intrigued, and discover great people. So why spend your time online using dull corporate websites that only care about users so they can sell more advertising?

Your friends may not be into everything you are — but there is probably someone nearby who shares that obscure love of 1950's cult sci-fi movies, that elated exhaustion at beating a personal best, or that sublime enjoyment of hiking the perfect trail. Why keep posting your life to people who just don't get it when you can interact with those who do?

Get involved with communities of users focused on the things that matter most to you. Connect with people online and then get together in the real world. Build your reputation based on great contributions and expand your reach and fame.

So what is hello? It's unique, exciting, and awesome -- just like you!
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